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    Please read before posting!!


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    Please read before posting!!

    Post  Ceph on Wed Sep 01, 2010 12:31 am

    Use this application form, and I'll read over your request. If you choose to contact me in game then I'll most likely still ask the questions in the form, so you're not escaping anything! D<

    What is your name?:
    What character(s) do you plan to use for MvPing/WoE?:
    Other characters? Names/Classes?:
    What kind of WoE experience do you have?:
    Have any High-end MvP experience? If so, which ones?:
    What is your current gear build, and what you plan to get? (Screenshots are appreciated)::
    Do you know anyone in RBP?:

    Any extra information is appreciated.

    Also, please note: The usage of these forums is temporary until further notice.

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